Asus announces limited-edition ROG Phone 6 Batman Edition

Asus has announced the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition, an exclusive limited-edition version of the new ROG Phone 6 gaming smartphone inspired from the DC Comics superhero. The limited edition smartphone is created in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC.
The Taiwanese smartphone maker recently launched the ROG Phone 6D and 6D Ultimate globally. Internally, the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition is identical to the invincible ROG Phone 6/6D, and is powered by either the latest Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform or the mighty MediaTek Dimensity 9000+. The pricing and availability of the Batman edition hasn’t been revealed yet.
ROG Phone 6 Batman Edition: Design inspired from Gotham cityscape
The ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition comes in a special finish that’s designed to evoke the dark and bleak atmosphere of Gotham City with the Bat-signal in the sky. As per Asus, when the design catches the light, it mimics a cloudy night sky penetrated by a searchlight, clearly taking inspiration from how Gotham City would look at night with the Bat-signal on.
The special Aura RGB illuminated logo is an outline image of the Bat emblem, and the phone has the Batman themse in its custom user interface, with its exclusive themed live wallpapers, icon styles, animations, sound effects and more.
Batman-related phone accessories
There are plenty of Batman-themed phone accessories that come with the special edition phone. You get a USB-C-powered Bat-Signal searchlight mini-projector, a Batman Aero Case with a special finish and a hidden ‘Easter egg’ image, a SIM card ejector pin shaped as a classic Batman logo and a specially designed hard-shell travel case to safely store the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition and its accessories.
The projector can project one of two versions of the famous Bat-Signal onto nearby surfaces. It can be charged by a USB-C cable attached to the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition.
The protective Aero Case is water-resistant and is made from expanded polypropylene (EPP). Its appearance is based on military-style suitcases, and there’s an embossed Batman logo stamped into the lid. The hidden, inner part of the case is printed with a special ‘easter egg’ in the form of an image inspired by the Batman graphic novels.
User interface
The phone comes with a custom user interface with the exclusive Batman animated theme pack. You get a live Batman wallpaper and a redesigned app icon frame, and when the phone is being charged there’s an exclusive sound and animation combined with Batman-themed elements.
With the custom in-display fingerprint icon, users can unlock the phone by tapping the famous yellow Bat emblem.

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