Explained: Fortnite’s new season adds Chrome substance, what it means for players

Epic Games has launched a new season for its popular battle royale game — Fortnite. The latest Fortnite season is the fourth one in the third chapter which is named Paradise. This new season will add a mysterious substance called — Chrome — that will slowly take over Fortnite island. The new update will introduce new weapons, features and points of interest (POI) for players to check out in the game.

Epic Games has updated its blog to explain how players can use this new substance to their advantage. The blog suggests that players have to “embrace the Chrome” to use it against their enemies by — turning buildings into Chrome, using Chrome weapons and even transforming their characters with the substance. Epic Games has also released the cinematic trailer of the new season on Fortnite’s official YouTube channel. You can check it out here.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Cinematic Trailer

Use Chrome Splash to phase through walls
No structure built by your enemy can withstand an attack with Chrome. Players can throw a Chrome Splash at the walls which would penetrate them and thus, allow the players to jump through the building and surprise their opponents. The Chrome Splash looks a lot like a flash grenade and can be used on any type of wall material.
‘Chromeify’ yourself with the Chrome Splash
As mentioned above, the whole Fortnite island is under the grasp of the mysterious new Chrome element which can also be used by players to transform themselves (Chromeify) and use it to their advantage.
By throwing down a Chrome Splash at their feet, players can turn themselves into pure Chrome for a limited period which will make them immune to fire damage. While doing this, players will also turn into a blob while sprinting which will allow them to — move faster, be immune to fall damage and gain the ability to air dash. Players can then air dash into any building to Chromeify it and then phase through it.

New Points of Interests: Herald’s Sanctum and Cloudy Condos
The mysterious element has given rise to the latest structure called Herald’s Sanctum where players can ascend near the abandoned Sanctuary to stand atop the tower with hexagonal foundations.
Some of the other island locations like Condo Canyon are seeking refuge from this new element in the air. This expanding POI (now called Cloudy Condos) can help players to attack their enemy from above. Players can use one of the D-Launchers that are available in different places on the Island to help them gain higher ground.
New Chrome weapons: EvoChrome Shotgun and Burst Rifle
The introduction of the new element has also led to the creation of new Chrome-based weapons which are called — EvoChrome Shotgun and Burst Rifle. These new weapons come with a unique ability and can be found in Chrome Chests. Whenever players attack their opponents using the EvoChrome guns, the rarity of these weapons upgrades with each damage dealt. This can take your weapon from Uncommon to Mythic in a short time.
Apart from the EvoChrome weapons, the game has also reintroduced some before the Chrome era weapons that include — Sidearm Pistol, Prime Shotgun and Rapid Fire SMG among many others.
Other improvements added to the new season
Fortnite also has good news for sniper lovers as the game has upgraded this weapon category by increasing their damage and headshot multipliers. These improvements will also work in the newly introduced Zero Build Mode.

Keys have been introduced to Fortnite Island which will be available across the map and can be used to open Vaults containing valuable loot. The new season has also added a new defence mechanism called bunkers, the sliding move (like Apex Legends Mobile) and a fresh battle pass for players to unlock new skins and weapons. Along with that, Epic Games has also listed the restricted hardware to stop cheaters from taking undue advantages.

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