Brandon Kipper, a Caldwell resident, has ‘always wanted’ to compete against his beloved Broncos.

Brandon Kipper, a student at Oregon State who grew up supporting Boise State, was not given a scholarship. The Columbia alumnus has “always wanted” to play the Broncos ever since.

Jay Tust is the author. KTVB Staff

Published: September 3, 2022, 7:48 PM MDT

Updated: September 3, 2022, 8:08 PM MDT

Idaho’s BOISE Team captains John Ojukwu and Scott Matlock, two Idaho natives, will represent the Broncos when Boise State begins the 2022 season Saturday night in Corvallis.

They’re not the only two Idahoans leading their teams into combat at Reser Stadium, believe it or not.

Brandon Kipper, a senior at Oregon State, is a Caldwell native who attended Columbia High School. The 6-6, 327-pound tackle has made 32 starts during his undergraduate career and was named to the second team of the 2022 preseason All-Pac-12 Conference.

Kipper formerly pursued the same dream of playing on The Blue for Boise State as every football player from the Gem State does.

As a natural Boise State supporter, Kipper stated, “I grew up with season tickets.” Although I was a young child who never left the State of Idaho, I often considered how awesome it would be to play on The Blue. I lived my entire life there, where I grew up.

The scholarship offer Kipper yearned for was given to Bronco left tackle John Ojukwu when he graduated from high school. Kipper decided to attend Hawaii instead before transferring to Oregon State.

“Honestly, I’m extremely thrilled for John. I’ll be the first to admit that after high school, I was a little disappointed that Boise State chose him over me. Yes, most likely,” responded Kipper. “I’ve grown up and

Someone hands me their phone, and I look at their schedule and I see game one, Kipper said. “The schedule was released, I was sitting on the bus, I think it was headed to — we were maybe in LA for the bowl game — and I saw game one,” Kipper said. I won’t deny that it made me feel a little bit enthusiastic. It’s something I’ve always wanted the chance to do on my own. I mean, I have so many relatives attending this game who grew up as Boise State supporters. For instance, my step dad attended there every season for 30 years. So, I believe it’s cool now, not just for myself but also for others nearby and those who have shared my life.

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