Government has issued a warning for these Microsoft users

If you happen to use Microsoft apps and services, then the government has a high-security risk warning for you. Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) issued a warning for some Microsoft products and services. This includes Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Visual Studio and .NET Framework.
According to CERT-IN, the vulnerabilities found in these Microsoft services are of high severity and multiple vulnerabilities have been reported that could bypass security restrictions.
For those unintended, CERT-IN is a nodal agency under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The government body is responsible for highlighting bugs and cybersecurity threats like phishing and hacking.
What government has said about these vulnerabilities in Microsoft products
CERT has mentioned that “Multiple vulnerabilities have been reported in various Microsoft products which could be exploited by an attacker to escalate privilege, execute arbitrary code, disclose sensitive information, bypass security restrictions and perform denial of service (DoS) attack of the targeted system.”

Here’s a product-wise detailed description of vulnerabilities:

What users can do
The government body has advised the users of these Microsoft products to apply the latest security patch based on Microsoft’s September 2022 security update ( here)

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