Govt may give EV makers more time

New Delhi : The government is set to give more time for electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers to comply with two crucial components of the battery-testing norms, considering that they need to put adequate systems in place for large scale testing.
Some players in the EV industry have raised concerns over the stiff timeline set by the government to implement the new stringent testing norms from October this year. “We are in consultation with the industry players and we are looking at all aspects. We will see whether there is a need to give them some more time so that they are ready,” said a road transport ministry official.
According to the new automotive standards, a certain threshold of cells to be used in each battery needs to be charged and discharged to assess their quality at the factory itself. Each such battery has nearly 250 cells and hence the manufacturers need to augment their infrastructure for the testing. The industries would take more time to put the system in place.
The government is likely to give more time for implementation of anotnew test regime — performance of parallel series of cells in batteries.

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