Gujarat: FRC retains old fee structure for 636 technical colleges

AHMADABAD: The fees regulatory committee for state’s technical colleges has decided not to make any changes in the fees structure of 636 technical colleges conducting courses such as engineering, pharmacy, architecture, MBA and MCA in 2023.
The committee has been trying to convince the technical colleges not to revise their fee structures as the parents of students have suffered economically due to lockdowns during the pandemic. Colleges are allowed to revise and increase their fees structure every three years. The revision was due this year.
Sources said that while most of the colleges had agreed to this request some had insisted that their fee structure should be revised. The committee after negotiations convinced all the colleges and declared that the fees structure will remain the same for 2023 also.
Sources said that total 377 including the 304 member institutes of the association of self financed colleges had agreed to this proposal of not to change fees structures in 2020 to 2023. Another 171 colleges had not asked for any revision in fees structure during the same period. Around 10 colleges had even asked the committee for a reduction in their existing fees.
The fees structure fixed by the committee includes fees such as tuition, library, computer lab, gymnasium, internet, affiliation fees, sports fees and personality development training.
Colleges that asked for fees reduction
College Course Fees Asked reduction in %
Amiraj College, Sanand Engineering 76,000 35
Jivraj Mehta Inst. Anand Engineering 70,000 14
Jivraj Mehta Inst. Anand Masters in planning 70,000 14
GIDC College, Navsari Engineering 68,000 63
ITM School, Vadodara Engineering 97,000 12
ITM School, Vadodara MBA 74,000 5
Shantaben Patel College, VV Nagar Architecture 1,32,000 32
AD Patel College, Karamsad ME 1,40,000 24
Dharmsinh Desai College, Nadiad ME 1,40,000 64
GH Patel College, VV Nagar ME 1,34,000 11

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