Here’s why Activision has banned 500,000 Call Of Duty accounts

Activision announced a filtering system for the Call of Duty franchise in 2021 which intends to remove cheating and toxic players from the game’s global database. As the release date of Call of Duty Warzone 2 gets closer, several players are worried that if stricter rules are not implemented by Activision, toxicity and constant hacking might ruin their experience of the upcoming game. Meanwhile, Activision has revealed the statistics related to the progress of its anti-cheat initiative known as– Ricochet and confirmed in a blog post that half a million Call Of Duty accounts were banned to date and it was done in an attempt to combat toxic players.
500,000 Call Of Duty accounts banned: Importance and other details
The kernel-level anti-cheat measure for Call of Duty titles is important as incidents of cheating and toxicity have led multiple players to switch to other battle royale games like — Apex Legends and Fortnite.

Apart from the banned accounts, Activision’s automated filtering system has also forced 300,000 players to change their usernames as they included offensive content. These efforts have been responsible for seeing a more than 55% drop in the number of offensive username and clan tag reports from the players in August compared to last year.
Moreover, the publisher has also mentioned that “battling toxicity will be an ongoing effort,” so, Activision will continue to monitor its titles, address player-submitted reports and even expand its technology to combat toxic behaviour.
Call of Duty Code of Conduct: What is it
Along with the Ricochet statistics, Activision has also launched a new code of conduct for Call Of Duty that all players have to read before entering the Modern Warfare 2 beta testing. These are the three core values outlined by the company to promote a positive gaming experience for all. The core values include — treating everyone with respect, competing with integrity and staying vigilant.

The game’s developers have also added more languages to the in-game, text-based chat and name creation moderation. Since the title’s last community update, Call of Duty now supports 14 languages in total.

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