​Instagram tests new ‘Gifts’ tipping feature for creators: What you need to know

Instagram is reportedly working on a feature that will allow content creators to make money on the social media platform in a new way. The Meta-owned photo-sharing service is reportedly testing a tipping feature called “Gifts” that will help creators to earn money through Reels. A Meta spokesperson has stated (reports TechCrunch) that this new feature is a prototype and is currently being tested internally. The company has not shared any details about when this Instagram feature will be rolled out externally to common users. It is important to note that the Gifts feature will be the social media platform’s second tipping feature as it already has one named Instagram Badges.
What is the new ‘Gifts’ feature?
This new Instagram feature was first discovered by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi in July as he shared some screenshots of the feature through his Twitter account. At this point, the company was developing the ‘Gifts’ feature using the code name “content appreciation.”

If Instagram ever rolls out this feature, it will be available to eligible content creators under a new Gifts tab in the apps’ settings. This feature will let creators decide if they want to enable the option that will allow their fans to send them “Gifts.” The screenshots shared on Twitter also mentioned that common users will be able to send Gifts to their favourite creators using a button that will be displayed at the bottom of Reels.

Instagram Badges: Another tipping feature from Meta
As mentioned above, Instagram ‘Gifts’ is not the only tipping feature that exists for the social media platform. In 2020, Meta rolled out the Instagram Badges feature that allowed users to show their support to favourite creators during a live video by purchasing these badges. Whenever a user buys a badge during a live video, a heart icon appears beside their name in the comments section. The price of these badges varies between $0.99 and $4.99.

The new ‘Gifts’ feature may offer Instagram content creators a way to make money from both livestreams and Reels. Such a feature could be important for Instagram to hold on to its user base as other rival platforms like TikTok and others already offer direct tipping features for creators.

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