Kolkata eye institute bring advanced laser technology

KOLKATA: An eye institute in Kolkata brings the advanced SMILE- laser refractive correctional surgery that experts say is a promising method for treating myopia and astigmatism that causes blurred vision. Popularly known as SMILE, small incision lenticule extraction is a state-of-the art technology in laser refraction procedure which has several advantages.
Doctors said it is a tried, tested and safe technology and the person can bounce back to all daily activities including using of laptops, tablets, mobile phone and contact sports or swimming from the next day of undergoing the procedure.
“It is our pleasure to bring this technology to the people of eastern India. The magic of glass free world is now available right it the heart of Kolkata at a very affordable price at Trenetralaya, We have already performed surgeries successfully on a number of patients and they have resumed their normal duties from the next day”, said Dr Partha Biswas, Medical Director, Trenetralaya, Kolkata.
In this Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved laser vision technology to get rid of glasses and contact lenses permanently a precise laser is used to correct myopia and astigmatism. Since the incision is only 2-3 mm it ensures better maintenance of the cornea strength. The smaller incision also means less chances for developing dry eye and faster recovery for the patient.

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