Microsoft Teams live interpretation feature is now live for desktop, web client: How it works

The live interpretation feature is now available for all Microsoft Teams meetings. This new feature will help both individual users and organisations who need to communicate in the virtual world across multiple languages. Professional interpreters who can translate the original speaker’s message into a different language have to be hired by organisations (or individuals). These interpreters will also have the same in-meeting permissions as the attendees. Meeting organisers can either invite interpreters to join a meeting once it has been saved/scheduled or can even promote a participant to be an interpreter during a meeting.
Microsoft Teams live interpretation feature: Availability
Microsoft Teams will support the live interpretation feature for “regularly scheduled meetings, channel meetings, meetings with up to 1000 participants and webinars,” the company’s official blog states.

Meeting organisers can include up to 16 different language pairs in a meeting, where translating from one language to another is considered a pair. For example, translating from English to Hindi will be considered one pair.
How will the feature work
Whenever participants join a Teams meeting with live interpretation enabled, they will be able to select a language channel that they want to listen to during the meeting.
In these channels, participants will be able to hear the interpreter’s translation at a louder volume than the original speaker. The attendees will also be allowed to switch between listening to that language and the language of the original speaker.
Promoting a participant to become an interpreter can be done only in meetings that are already scheduled with the language interpretation feature enabled. When recorded, Teams will capture only the audio of the main speaker.
Enabling captions in a meeting with language interpretation will only caption the main speaker and not the interpreter.
On the other hand, if the original language is changed, the meeting’s organiser will have to switch the live captions option to the correct language that is spoken by the main speaker for captions to work.

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