Raegr RapidLink 1160 65W charger launched at Rs 2,799

Raegr has announced the launch of its latest 65W GaN RapidLink 1160 charger. The wall charger promises to charge ultrabook, notebooks, MacBooks, tablets, and smartphones at the highest speed. The charger is 40% smaller in size compared to standard 65W chargers.
Raegr RapidLink 1160: Price and availability
The Raegr RapidLink 1160 65W charger is priced at Rs 2,799. The charger can be purchased online via Raegr and Flipkart websites.
Raegr RapidLink 1160: Features
The charger is built using the Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor which may soon replace the standard silicon chips that are more efficient, consumes less power and emits less heat.
Power has been distributed between the three USB ports depending on the device being connected, either one at a time or simultaneously. However, when using the ports simultaneously to charge multiple devices, the charger can automatically distribute and deliver power based on the device’s requirement, with up to 65 W in total.
RapidLink 1160 charger features three USB ports for charging that include two USB-C (PD) ports and one USB-A port that claims to charge every device. The two PD Ports can deliver a complete 65W each and the USB-A port can deliver 30W QC3 when used individually with a single device.
The Raegr RapidLink 1160 is designed using BIS-Certified Quality standards that ensure higher safety. It also includes overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, and overcharging protections to safeguard your expensive gadgets. The USB-C to USB-C PD 60W is made up of a braided cable with tangle-free cotton braided design and a premium aluminium alloy shell that is included with the charger.

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