Sony offers a first look at PlayStation Stars ‘collectibles’: What is it

Sony discussed several titles that are about to arrive on PS5, PS4, and PSVR 2 at the recently concluded State of Play event. The company also shared more good news for PlayStation gamers by announcing the new loyalty program called — PlayStation Stars. Earlier, in July, Sony revealed its plans for a loyalty scheme for the first time and now the company has offered the first look at the digital collectible rewards that gamers can earn through the free-to-join PlayStation Stars program.
PlayStation Stars loyalty program: Availability
PlayStation Stars will initially launch on the PlayStation App and will be later expanded to the consoles in the upcoming days. Sony plans to launch the loyalty program in Asia (including Japan) within this month and will expand the service to the Americas and Europe at a later date.

What is the PlayStation Stars loyalty program?
PlayStation Stars is a free reward program that offers digital gifts to PS5 and PS4 owners for even simple tasks like using their consoles. Using this program, PS owners earn loyalty points that can also be redeemed for other digital gifts.
PS owners convert these loyalty points into PSN wallet funds which can be used to purchase games from the PS Store. Apart from this, Sony will also allow players to unlock various ‘digital collectible’ through this program.
What are these ‘digital collectibles’ and how to earn them
These digital collectible are 3D figurines of Sony-related products and Sony has revealed some of them which include — a PS3 model, a Sony MP3 player, a PocketStation and the Polygon Man among others.

Sony has clarified that these digital collectible can only be earned through the PlayStation Stars loyalty program. In some cases, these collectibles will be offered to mark past activities, achievements or product ownership. The company also mentions that players will be offered different ways to acquire collectible, however, the primary method will be by completing campaigns.
After earning these collectibles, players can either choose to arrange them in a virtual display case within the PlayStation App or can stack them up on the collectibles case within their PSN profile that is visible to their friends.

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