Why it may be a good thing and a bad thing to buy new iPhones from the US

Apple has launched its 2022 lineup of iPhones. The four iPhones in the iPhone 14 series are — iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Apple has for the first time launched e-SIM only models in the US. So, does this mean that you can still get an iPhone 14 series phone in India and it will work here. Yes, you can still buy or ask someone to get an iPhone 14 series phone from the US and it will work in India. But yes, there are certain pluses and minuses. Read on to find out.
What does e-SIM only iPhone series mean
Apple has dropped the physical SIM card slot in the iPhone 14 lineup in the US. This means that iPhone 14 series phones sold in the US will not have any physical tray for users to insert their SIM cards in. These iPhones will support only eSIMs. “iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models will arrive ready to activate with eSIM. Note, these models cannot activate with a physical SIM,” says Apple on its iPhone 14 ordering page.
Will e-SIM only iPhones work in India
Yes, all three major telecom providers in India — Airtel, Reliance Jio and Vodafone — support e-SIM. And it’s been a number of years since they support e-SIM. Apple’s support page that lists telecom service providers that support e-SIM too has the names of all these three companies listed. This means that if you get an iPhone 14 from the US it will work in India. But yes, make sure that you buy an unlocked iPhone only.
Will there be any disadvantage of getting the new iPhones from the US
Yes and no. Means there are both advantages as well as disadvantages of using an e-SIM-only iPhone. One, as there is no physical SIM you will be required to take help of your service provider to get your new iPhone running. You cannot just insert your SIM and get going. This process is quite simple. All three — Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance Jio — have clearly listed how to activate your e-SIM on their website. Two, anything saved on your physical SIM will not be transferred (Contacts, SMS) etc. Three, you will not be able to save Contacts or anything on the SIM. Four, only a few telecom companies support “eSIM quick transfer” to switch carriers. You need to check if the one you want to move to supports. Though most big telecom companies support this feature. Four, it is not that easy to switch devices. Right now if your device stops working you can just change the physical SIM and your contact information, this will not be possible. Five, while travelling you will be required to take services of a provider that supports e-SIM. You cannot buy any local SIM from the airport and use. This may mean higher roaming costs.
What are the advantages of e-SIM
e-SIM technology provides better quality connection. The call quality is relatively better on devices running on e-SIMs. There is also no change of corrosion or and damage to e-SIMs. Two, e-SIMs are relatively safer. As in case of theft, criminals first throw away the SIM. This will not be possible in phones running on e-SIMs. Similarly, criminals will not be able to hide the location of the stolen phone with e-SIMs. It will not be easily possible to use locked phones.

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